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The Fourth Industrial Revolution will reach you

Since the beginning of the first industrial revolution in the middle of eighteenth century, with the steam machines, through electricity in the twentieth century with the second industrial revolution and the arrival of the computers, in the third industrial revolution, in the second half of the twentieth century, the humanity has stepped on the accelerator of the changes in the most several areas. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already in course and the changes already affect several economical activities.

See what happened with the video-rental companies or even with Kodak. They succumbed to the new technologies. We are more and more connected; the smartphones are an extension of our fingers. Why print photos, if we can take out our family album from the pocket? The exchange of atoms by bits is the synthesis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Your business and you will be affected. In up to two decades, consolidated careers will disappear. Many of them will be occupied by machines, software or no longer have a function.

An Oxford study points out that professions such as telemarketers, secretaries, deliverers and brokers have a great chance of disappearing or going through drastic changes. Amazon and its market power show that small local stores may lose in scale and price. On the other hand, people in the most remote places will be able to buy their products in a simple way. Business managers tend to make decisions more and more ruled in a gigantic volume of data in ever more complex markets.

Even the agriculture has been invaded by the technology. Data collection, intelligent machines and computerized irrigations will make farms more competitive, helping feed our growing global population. The ships without crew will cross the oceans carrying those commodities. In the industry, a product manufactured by complex machines can be made at the consumer’s house, by a 3D printer without losing quality.

From this new reality is born a risk pointed out by Klaus Schwab in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”: the existent institutional picture in the countries and globally is, at best, inadequate to the innovations and ruptures that are to come. And you? What are you doing to face the new realities that are springing up every day?


Leandro Netto and Tatiana Oddone.


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